ReSole Ocean Kiss

Sole to mix & match
Worn through your old sole? Let’s fix that. No need for new shoes. A ReSole will do.

39 pairs sold

Color: Snow White
Size: 36
ReSole Ocean Kiss

ReSole Ocean Kiss


ReSole Ocean Kiss

Color: Snow White
Size: 36

    We assume you already possess a Modifox shoe already. Otherwise, buying a pair of soles won’t be useful to you, as they are not compatible with other shoes. If you don’t own a pair yet, head over to the Modifox Set.

    Free shipping on all orders
    Free 30 days return

    Sole: Recyclable TPHS
    Engineered in Germany
    Sourced & made in Portugal

    Shoes cause about 2% of global emissions. Most of that due to over production.
    So we do more with less. Few parts replace many shoes. At a fraction of the footprint.

    We try to avoid all emissions. But at the moment, our work still produces CO2.
    Emissions we can’t avoid yet, we offset twice with a local plant forestation partner.

    How it works

    Like skiing. But easier.

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    Designed for life
    at home

    To make every day easy

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    Advanced for life
    on water

    To keep every vessel clean

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    Every day at home

    You like house shoes, but not the look of them? Then we are 2 of a kind.

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    Or onboard

    Not barefoot, but not shoes either. Designed for every day life on board.

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    Quick walks

    Ever felt like putting on shoes ain’t worth it?
    Taking out the trash just got easy.

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    Or off board

    Need to catch land for a minute?
    Step in your dock sole. Off you go.

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    Keep ‘em fresh

    We designed this bag to make your shoes look & feel beautiful for a lifetime.

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    Not made for running.

    But to support the people you love? Hell yes.

    Tested by the founder

    In our Run for the Yachts

    What customers say


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    Super quick and comfy


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    Makes me wanna see my garden more often


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    So much easier to bounce from deck to dock


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    Watch what Harald says title_image

    Comfy all day

    No lacing with us

    Dry as desert

    Water repellent Lyocell

    Cool in the heat

    Breathable Micro Lining

    Modifox Easy Fix

    Designed for a lifetime

    Founder Image

    Your soles wear out? Don’t worry.

    Founder Image

    We recycle them. You get a new pair.

    Founder Image

    Fixed! That’s how we roll.


    Magically. A team of 4 dedicated minds developed a modular system at the Technical University of Cologne. As a result, we got a patent-pending design, that allows you to switch between different environments in seconds.

    We improved it. Our original version was super warm and quite sensitive. To make the shoe wearable in summer we made it more breathable and water repellent. That’s what we call: The Ocean Kiss.

    Please check the size chart above. Our shoes run slightly large. At least in comparison to sporty sneakers. If you are in between sizes, we recommend to size down for a tighter fit.

    Our set features 1 pair of Modifox Shoes and 1 pair of Modifox Outsoles. Together they are the perfect match to get you started.

    Yes they are. However, please be careful when doing so. They should always be cold-washed and air-dried. The more often you wash them, the more likely the upper material will start showing signs of fatigue.

    Because it’s fun. And painful. But ultimately, we wanted to test our shoes. As far as we know, nobody tried running in a modular shoe before. Before you do so, we needed to see if it works.

    Technically, yes. Practically, we would not recommend it. It took us 5h and 22m. While we hear that our shoes are very comfy, they were never made for running. However, we already think about a sports version of our shoes. But until then, do your body a favour and switch to actual running shoes.

    Yes. We designed Modifox to be a) easy to design and b) easy to fix. If you want to create your own style, you just select the right parts. If anything wears out, we take it back and recycle it. And if you want, you get a new part to fix your shoes.

    Yes. We have a 30 free day return period. Please make sure you first test the shoes indoors. Once the shoes get dirty, it will get hard for us to take them back.

    We are a young company and don’t produce in large volumes yet. This makes competitive pricing almost impossible. We try to make up for our elevated price tag with free shipping and our Easy Fix System.

    Sustainable is a big word. It get’s thrown around a lot. Here is what we to operate responsibly.

    1. By design, our products are easy to fix and adapt to a new design. This makes them last longer.
    2. The majority of our materials are 100% recyclable. But very often nobody recycles them.
    3. That’s why we recycle every shoe and every sole that is returned to us with our partners.
    4. We produce locally in Portugal and only ship to EU customers with DHL GoGreen.
    5. We don’t act carbon-neutral yet. Our remaining product emissions we offset with Planted.

    Yes. It is our dream to offer a variety of styles for different situations. Depending on your lifestyle and taste, we want you to choose the shoe that’s best for you.

    Yes and no. Our shoes are a closed system. Meaning the shoe and sole are designed together. So you cannot attach our soles to other shoes. But you can mix & match any style we offer.

    They are water repellent. The scale goes water resistant (low), water repellent (medium), water proof (high). The problem with water-proof shoes is that they are not really breathable. That’s why we opted for a water repellent style. This way your feet stay dry during the rain, but you don’t get sweaty feet either.

    That depends on the colour and your everyday life. While the outsole is meant to get dirty, the shoe stays relatively clean outside. If you avoid puddle holes and muddy trips through the forest, you will be fine. If they do get dirty, then wait for the shoe to dry completely and rub it off gently.

    Most people say yes. Again, this is very individual. Tencel is 100% organic and known to be breathable. Inside the shoe we added a Microlining that makes for a nice feel.

    Yes. Every pair of Modifox will come with our memory foam footbed. But if you want, you can easily replace them with an orthopaedic footbed. This way, you can use 1 footbed – no matter if inside or outside.

    While we did not specifically design the shoes for camping, we heard from a lot of you that it is actually quite convenient. What we can say is: If Modifox keeps your home clean, why not your camper too?

    We made a marine version, which is tailored for yachts and the leisure lifestyle. Some sailors use our shoes to go back and forth, but we don’t recommend them for sport or competitive racing.

    Yes. If you are in France, Italy, Greece or Mallorca this should work. We currently work with 8 partners in the Mediterranean, who have Modifox in stock. You can find them here.

    On a mission to make shoes convenient. For people and planet.